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· Neurorestorat
Published Articles
·Progress in Cellular Ne
·Preliminary report of m
·Multiple Cell Transplan
·Cell Transplantation as
·Standard Recommendation
·Olfactory Ensheathing C
Experts Data
· Sequela of cerebral infar
· Sequelae of brain injury(
· Friedreich’s ataxia
· Spinal Cord Injury
· Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
· Cerebral Palsy(CP)
  • ZhongMei Hospital
  • The parient that from all over the world.
  • Conference in Jordan
  • Our treatment group
  • Laboratory
2018/12/12    Wednesday
Sort of Disease(1)
·Sequela of cerebral infa
·Cerebral Palsy - CP
·Multiple Sclerosis - MS
·Spinal Cord Injury - SCI
·Friedreich's ataxia
·Sequelae of Brain Injury
Sort of Disease( 2)
·stroke neurorestoratolog
·epilepsy neurorestoratol
·pain neurorestoratology
·traumatic neurorestorato
·geroneurorestoratology /
·pediatric / child neuror
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